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Yaar e Bewafa Episode 22 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

Yaar e Bewafa Episode 22 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 22) promo of Har Pal Geo TV drama series, Yaar e Bewafa.

Yaar e Bewafa is an interesting drama going on air on Geo TV. We have watched till now that Amna’s husband has died and she is going through tremendous crises. She has to send Omer in a workshop for earning some money. Zaid cannot bear this and he marries with Amna with her consent.

In the last episode, we watched that Amna and Zaid are living happily with each other. Amna takes care of Zaid and his mother. She treats both of them tenderly and Zaid’s mother is contented on her life. Zaid also gets promotion in his job and calls Amna responsible for it and says it is just because of good luck of her. Amna is also very cheerful with Zaid and feels herself the luckiest of the world for getting a loving and caring husband.

On the other hand, Fiza refuses the proposal of Ali and seeks apology for this. Although, Ali is a gentle man so he does not say anything to her. He is broken from inside, but does not express his feelings with Fiza and keeps smiling.

  • Will Ahmed accept the marriage of Zaid or over react against it?
  • What would be the reaction of Fiza after knowing about Zaid’s second marriage?

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