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Thori Si Wafa Episode 71 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

Thori Si Wafa Episode 71 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 71) promo of HUM TV drama series, Thori Si Wafa.

We watched in the previous episode that Afrin and her mother in law fight bitterly with each other. They look like ignorant women while quarreling. Ahsan try to arbitrate among them, but they do not accept his suggestions. Ahsan asks his mother and sister to leave Afrin’s house and return back to their own old house. Both of them agree on this proposal, because they are also tired of quarrelsome nature of Afrin and her mother. Afrin’s mother asks her to go with her mother in law and live there with them, because that is her real house, but Afrin refuses to accompany them, because she hates them.

On the other hand, Nida asks Ebaad to take any severe action against Akhtar, because he has ruined her life. Sharmin cries helplessly in the prison and asks to get her free, but her kidnapper does not listen to her, instead he takes number of Jihan from her and asks Jihan to pay forced ransom, He threats him that otherwise he will kill Sharmin. Jihan gets worried on hearing this, but he does not tell Seemal about this and accepts the demands of kidnapper.

  • Will Ebad take any action against Akhtar?
  • Will Jihan get Sharmin free from the prison and pay the amount?
  • Will Bina separate her path from the life of Jihan by seeing him happy with Seemal?

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