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Teri Raza Episode 22 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

Teri Raza Episode 22 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 22) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Teri Raza.

In this drama, we have watched that Suhana does not have any regret on leaving Imtiyaz and she has started her life happily, but Imtiyaz has taken his separation so seriously that he is ill now and cannot think more about Suhana. Sitara begum wants to get Imtiyaz married as soon as possible. Because she cannot bear her son’s sorrow and loneliness.

For this purpose, she goes before Bilqis begum and proposes Seema for Imtiyaz as the bride. Bilqis becomes immensely happy on hearing this and accepts the proposal immediately. Suhana’s mother takes pity on Suhana for leaving such a loving and caring husband like Imtiyaz.

On the other hand, Rameez is trying his best to convince his mother for taking his proposal for Suhana. She does not agree at first, but afterwards, she admits her son’s saying.

  • Will Suhana’s parents accept Ramiz’s proposal?
  • Will Imtiyaz accept Seema as his wife?

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