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Shiza Last Episode (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

Shiza Last Episode (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (last episode) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Shiza.

Shiza was going on air on ARY Digital. It was a sop serial which continued for a long time. Syed Atif Ali was writer of this drama. “Shiza” was directed by Ramish Rizvi. The topic of this drama is very sensitive. It was based on the issue of selling the girls for money and the life of those sold girls. Shiza’s character was played by the gorgeous “Sanam Chaudhary”. Rashid Farooqi, Farhan, Ejaz Aslam, Seemi Pasha, Robina Ashraf, Behroz Sabzwari and others were included in the cast of this drama.

This drama covered the story of Shiza. She was sold by her father to a wealthy man for the sake of getting money. This drama depicted the sufferings and troubles of Shiza. Her owner used to treat her inhumanly. But afterwards good luck knocks at her door and a handsome boy Farhan proposes her. She accepts his proposal immediately and they live happily for some time but their happiness does not last for a long time and she has to face more sufferings. At the end all the sufferings and troubles comes to an end and she lives with her husband peacefully. Overall it was a good drama. All the actors played their role beautifully.

This drama is an initiative to radical this evil of selling the girls. There is a moral lesson for the greedy people that nobody will live in this world forever. We are like passengers in this planet and we have to return back to Allah leaving all the wealth and belongings here.

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