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Shikwa Nahin Kissi Se Episode 36 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

Shikwa Nahin Kissi Se Episode 36 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 36) promo of Aplus Entertainment TV drama series, Shikwa Nahin Kissi Se.

We watched in the previous episode that Moiz and Nimra have not forgotten each other yet. The essence of love is prevailing in their hearts even today. When Moiz sees Nimra, he loses his senses and holds her hand, he asks Nimra to accompany him in his life. He asks her to join him in leaving this place and go to another corner of world where they can set a life according to their own will and taste. Nimra forbids him for doing so and helps him to calm down.

On the other hand, Faisal’s mother is in critical situation, but Sonia does not take any notice of it. She remains in her fantasy. Faisal and Moiz take their mother to the hospital. Doctor tells them that her blood pressure had boosted to unbelievable point, but she is fine now. Faisal rebukes Sonia for her negligence and asks her to take care of her. She also feels embarrassment on her behavior, but does not accept her mistake in the front of her husband. Nimra gets Muaz discharged from the hospital and takes him with her. Faisal does not like her interference in his private matter. He asks Nimra to handover Muaz to him; but she does not admit his saying. Faisal snatches Moaz from her lap and says that Moaz is my son and you do not have any right to keep him with you.

  • Will Nimra accept the decision of Faisal?
  • Will Faisal send Muaz with her aunt after seeing his miserable condition?
  • Will Sonia change her attitude towards Faisal and is mother?

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