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Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 23 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 23 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 23) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Shadi Mubarak Ho.

We have watched till now that this drama “Shadi Mubarak Ho” is becoming interesting day by day. Naeyl and Rimsha’s engagement has turned the circumstance towards a new direction. Naeyl’s family is facing crucial situation because they have received the notice of leaving the house. Naeyl’s parents had not tell him anything about it and he was unaware of it. He becomes surprised on hearing this news and asks his mother why did not she tell him about it? She replies that she did not want to ruin his engagement ceremony.

Naeyl becomes sad on this and starts thinking about the solution of this problem. Rimsha is also shocked to know this new problem and expresses her hatred for shifting in another small house. But her mother in law says that she has to live with them in the house as tenant, but Rimsha seems to be regretting on her decision of getting engaged with him.

On the other hand, Zoya is not interested in meeting with Naeyl. Nimrah insists her to meet him, but she refuses to do so.

  • Will Zoya meet with Nayel?
  • Will Ramsha break the engagement with Naeyl?
  • Will Zoya accept the feelings of Bilal?

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