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Rani Episode 30 & 31 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

Rani Episode 30 & 31 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 30 & ep 31) promo of Har Pal Geo TV drama series, Rani.

We watched in the previous episode that Murad Shah feels a soft corner for Raani in his heart and he treats her with love and compassion, but Faryal does not like this closeness at all, so she goes to Rani’s house. She talks to them immorally and also threatens Rani’s parents to take her back from the “Haveli” otherwise, they’ll be responsible for the awful consequences of her disapproval. Rani’s parents feel perplex on hearing this and go to Haveli to know the real matter.

On the other hand, Rimsha takes off to city without taking permission from her father. When Murad Shah comes to know this, he becomes angry on the servants. Nafisa begum talks to Faryal in lively mood and asks the reason behind her changed behavior. She also says to her that you used to take part in every task of the haveli, but now you live here like a stranger. Nafisa begum responses it is because of Rani. You have brought her as my husband’s second wife, how can I behave like before? As I cannot share my life partner with Rani. Nafisa begum remains silent on hearing this. Because she knows that Faryal is on her right, a woman cannot share her husband with another woman.

  • Will Faryal achieve her goal and Rani have to leave the haveli for good?
  • Will Murad Shah scold Rimsha for going out of city without his permission?
  • Will Murad Shah let Rani leave the Haveli?

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