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Paimanay Episode 4 (Urdu1 HD TV Drama Promo)

Paimanay Episode 4 (Urdu1 HD TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 4) promo of Urdu1 HD TV drama series, Paimanay.

We watched in the last episode, Jazib sees Seerat sitting with Aamir in a restaurant. He becomes furious on seeing this and returns back to the house. Haroon and Ayesha do not believe on him at first, but after his assurance they admit his allegation. Both of them become surprised to hear this, and think what the mistake they have done in Seerat’s education. Seerat engages his brother in meaningless things and tries to divert his attention towards something else but he asks Seerat to call Aamir here.

When Aamir comes with Seerat in her house, Haroon slaps him and asks to remain in his limits, otherwise he will kill him for destroying his sister’s life. Aiyza bangs with Hamad and both of them feel liknes for each other. Aiyza starts dreaming to become Seerat’s bhabhi, because she belongs to a middle class family and Seerat is a rich girl and her family is wealthy. Aiyza is basically a greedy girl and is seeking for a rich prey to trap him and that prey of her would be Hammad.

  • Will Seerat accept Aiyza as her bhabhi?
  • Will Aiyza break her engagement after mesmerizing by the personality of Hammad?
  • Will Aamir leave Seerat on his humiliation by her family?

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