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Naseebon Jali Episode 50 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

Naseebon Jali Episode 50 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 50) promo of HUM TV drama series, Naseebon Jali.

This drama Nasibon Jali has come to the thrilling point. Everybody is busy in degrading the other. In the last episode, we watched that Aslam has trapped Taania in the false murder case of Mughal. As we know Mughal died a natural death, but Aslam is calling her wife responsible for this and the innocent Taania has accepted his lie. She is now trying to escape from police. She meets Nadia on the way and slaps her. She says that “I have caught in a trouble due to your irresponsibility.”

Nadia is surprised on the behavior of Taania. She asks her the matter truly. Taani tells her everything which has done to her. Shazil becomes astounded on this and tells her that your husband is also involved in this conspiracy. Because he left you there alone and you are now indulged in a problem. Taania goes to her house and her mother adores Taania tenderly. She asks Taania the reason of her worry but Taania does not tell her anything and keeps secret of her husband. Nadia is also worried on the situation of her sister. But cannot do anything for her.

  • Will Wahida know the reality of the incident?
  • Will Taania prove her innocence?
  • Will Nadia accept Shazil as her husband?

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