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Mein Maa Nahin Banna Chahti Episode 12 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

Mein Maa Nahin Banna Chahti Episode 12 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 12) promo of HUM TV drama series, Mein Maa Nahin Banna Chahti.

In the pervious episode, we watched that Jibran attends the call of Faris and gets furious on this. He goes to the shop of Faris and asks him how dare he to call Eman? Faris loses his words and cannot justify his position. Jibran starts smacking him and also rebukes him. Jibran tells all of this to the father of Eman and provokes him against Faris. Eman’s father asks Faris to leave his house

. He scolds him and says you have tried to destroy my daughter’s life, you do not deserve to live in my house now. You should get out of my house. Faris feels depression on his humiliation and leaves the house with broken heart.in the next episode, we’ll watch that Eman’s mother is too worried about Faris, because he does not have any relatives or friends except them. She weeps for him but cannot do anything for Faris. Jibran is angry with Eman and asks her,whether she talks with Faris daily? Eman feels spiritless on hearing this and replies to Jibran that she is loyal to him and cannot think of deceiving him. As we know, Maham is crafty and cunning, she has arranged this plan for Faris and feels cheerful on the success of her plan.

  • Will Faris accept the awful behavior of his loved ones?
  • Will Jibran start treating Eman brutally?
  • Will Eman’s parents permit Faris to live in their home again?

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