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Meherbaan Episode 32 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

Meherbaan Episode 32 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 32) promo of A Plus Entertainment TV drama series, Meherbaan.

Meharban is a sweet love story. We watched in the last episode that Dua and Danial are getting close and close to each other. They have started accepting their relationship. Danial asks from Dua whether she has a soft corner for him or not. She blushes on this question and does not say anything, but Danial understands the answer from the timid smile of her.

On the other hand, Ismat begum’s daughter asks from her whether she had hired a man to kill Danial. Ismat begum does not respond on this question and changes the topic. Zahid listens to all this conversation and becomes suspicious about his wife. He thinks she is enemy of his son and daughter in law. Shahnawaz’s wife visits his office and shouts on him by saying that I have provided you everything. You did not have even a house of your own. I provided you with luxuries of life and you are deceiving me. I can snatch all of your comforts back. Shahnawaz also shouts back on her and asks her to get out of his office. Asad goes to Murree on the according to plan of Ismat begum. Dua becomes surprise to see him there. She asks him to leave the place immediately and also scolds her.

  • Will Asad become the reason of Dua and Danial’s combat?
  • Will Zahid divorce Ismat after knowing her actual wicked face?
  • Will Mehru and her family become aware of his reality?

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