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Meherbaan Episode 31 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

Meherbaan Episode 31 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 31) promo of A Plus Entertainment TV drama series, Meherbaan.

We have watched in the previous episode that Shahnawaz goes to Mehru’s place and presents his marriage proposal for her. Her mother seems to agree on this proposal, because she thinks it is essential for her to get married as soon as possible. Her father also admits the proposal of Shahnawaz. Dua becomes overjoyed on hearing this news, but Danial does not look so happy because he loves Mehru still.

On other hand, Danial’s mother is unhappy because of failure of her plan and to know that Danial is still alive. She is busy in thinking a new plan to vanish him from her way. Asad has got escaped from police and he sits in the car of Ismat begum. Ismat begum recognizes him and asks him why he did kidnap Mehru? Asad becomes surprise on this. Danial and Dua are tending to become close to each other.

A loving chemistry is developing between them. Danial’s father is happy on observing the love between Dua and Danial, but Ismat begum is so envious of this, but after knowing the news of Mehru’s engagement Danial’s behavior becomes strange to Dua.

  • Will Danial and Dua get closer to each other?
  • Will Shahnawaz’s reality reveal to everyone?
  • Will Asad get trapped by Ismat begum?

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