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Laal Ishq Episode 8 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

Laal Ishq Episode 8 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 8) promo of Aplus Entertainment TV drama series, Laal Ishq.

In this drama, we have watched that everyone is busy in accomplishing the goal of killing his enemy. There is selfishness and brutality in the streets of village. It seems that something unexpected is going to happen. Hukam’s son is in hurry of killing his father’s murderer.

On the other hand, Baali is searching for Jaji to take revenge from him. Unaware of his misfortune, Jaji is busy in celebrating the happiness of his son’s future engagement. Farhad and his sister both are lost in fantasy of happiness. Jaji wants to buy precious and valuable gifts for Mahi because she is Farhad’s future wife. He wants to fulfill all of his wishes and celebrate the important event of his son. Mahi is also very happy on all of these celebrations. She calls Ramin and expresses her happiness with her.

Mahi also aware her about the customs and traditions of her family. She says to Ramin that you have to ask Farhad for staying at the home because arrival of groom before marriage is considered immoral in our family. Ramin tells Farhad about this and he becomes sad for not going to her future in laws house. On the other hand, Baali meets with Yawar and asks about Jaji from him. As we know, Yawar is a wicked man. He, instead of settling down the dispute, gives the address of Jaji to Bali and asks him to take revenge from Jaji.

  • Will Baali spoil the happiness of Jaji and his family by killing him?
  • Will Farhad and Mahi get engaged easily?

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