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Laal Ishq Episode 5 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

Laal Ishq Episode 5 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 5) promo of A Plus Entertainment TV drama series, Laal Ishq.

Laal Ishq is the sequel of of old drama serial “Landa bazar”. We had watched in the previous episode that Baali has completed his punishment and he is free now. He is roaming here and there in search of his family and lost in his old memories. On the other hand, Hukam’s son is searching for his father’s murderer. He has got information that Baali is free from the prison. He is happy because his most awaited wish is just going to come true and he will get comfort by killing his father’s murderer. He sets off with the intention of killing him, but he does not find him in the village. He gets disappointed and frustrated for not getting his prey.

On the other hand, Farhad gets angry with his father because his father has refused to take his marriage proposal to her lover Maahi’s home. Mahi also gets upset on this, because she had told her mother about this and now her mother was asking her about Farhad and his family. Mahi does not tell anything to her mother yet.

  • Will Farhaad agree his father to take his marriage proposal to Maahi’s house or take any step against it?
  • Will Hukam’s son kill Baali in spite of his changed personality?
  • Will Maahi get courage to tell her mother about Farhad’s father’s disagreement about her marriage?

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