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Khidmat Guzar Episode 6 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

Khidmat Guzar Episode 6 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 6) promo of A Plus Entertainment TV drama series, Khidmat Guzar.

We have watched in this drama that time is passing rapidly. All the children Dua, Shuja, Mukhtaar are grown up to youngsters now. Mukhtaar has won the trust of Rana Jalal. He is special servant of Rana Sahib. Dua is also grown up, but she has not forgotten the incident of her sister’s suicide. She sees horrible dreams and cries on it. Her mother also recalls Seerat and shed tear on the loss of her young daughter.

That horrible incident has grown its roots in her mind and she has not recover herself. That’s why she does not have confidence and cannot speak to anyone properly. She has confined herself to her house. She does not like Mukhtaar at all. She feels a meaningless fear and irritation from him. Mukhtaaar tries to flatter her also, but she does not accept his courteous behavior. Mukhtaar gets angry on this and takes decision to take revenge from Dua. Shuja does not pay any attention to his father’s business and he is involved in unethical activities. Rana sahib wants to indulge his son in his business, but he fails in it. Mukhtaar seems happy from inside on this situation, because he wants to become another Rana sahib after Rana Jalal.

  • Will Dua become confident after taking admission in university?
  • Will Mukhtaar destroy Dua,s life in his fury?
  • Will Shuja start helping Rana sahib in his business affairs?

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