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Khamoshi Episode 8 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

Khamoshi Episode 8 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 8) promo of HUM TV drama series, Khamoshi.

We watched in previous episode that Arsla has come back to her home forever, but her family members behave like a strange to her. Atiff, who used to claim to be her lover, changes his behavior and forgets all of his promises which he had made with her. He talks against Arsla with his mother and says she is so shameless girl that he has not seen any girl like her before, but he loves her still now.

His behavior shows this fact because he gets envious of her and loves her from the core of his heart. Arsla’s mother says to her that she has to work for her family because they are now hand to mouth and they need her financial assistance. She adds that her father is not in good condition to feed the family properly, so she should help them in this regard. Arsla replies to her mother that I can understand the hidden meaning in your conversation. You don’t need me in this house anymore. Naima also guides her father against Arsla. Her father admits her sayings, shouts on Arsala and asks her to go back to Karachi again because they cannot bear her burden.

  • Will Arsla leave her house after observing the behavior of her parents?
  • Will Atif change his mind against Arsla?
  • Will Arsla become a machine of earning money for her family and forget her happiness?

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