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Is Chand Pe Dagh Nahin Episode 22 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

Is Chand Pe Dagh Nahin Episode 22 (Aplus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 22) promo of Aplus Entertainment TV drama series, Is Chand Pe Dagh Nahin.

In the last episode watched that Ghibaat has killed inspector Asghar also to hide his previous sins. Wahid fights with Maahnuma on the base of his mother’s advises. He blames on her that she aware the murderer for his intentions and now we are empty handed again. He has escaped and my brother’s soul would be in pain for not catching his culprit.

Mahnuma sheds tears and clarifies that she does not want to degrade the morale and respect of her husband and his family. Wahid realizes his mistake and says sorry to Maahnuma for miss behavior. Wahid says to his mother that Ghaibaat’s activities are tending to be suspicious, he is also involved in the murder. Beybey Sarkar does not accept his suggestion and says he cannot do this, because he is our old servant.

Laali’s eccentric activities compel beybey Sarkar on thinking that something wrong has happened and she asks from her that whether her son Ghibaat is involved in any criminal activity, but she clarifies herself and keeps herself away of this problem. Baba jan has accepted Maahnuma as his daughter in law and asks her to distribute the food among needy. She becomes happy on this honor and pays gratitude towards her father in law.

  • Will Wahid and Mahnuma’s relation get settlement?
  • Will Ghibat’s reality expose in the front of everyone?

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