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Gustakh Ishq Episode 23 (Urdu1 TV Drama Promo)

Gustakh Ishq Episode 23 (Urdu1 TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 23) promo of Urdu1 HD TV drama series, Gustakh Ishq.

We have watched in this drama that Maliha tells Najaf about her love story with Sikander before his marriage. Najaf becomes shocked on hearing this and asks about this matter from Sikander. Sikander feels pity on Maliha and says she has started doing immoral things to separate me from you.

Najaf does not believe on him and weeps on Sikandar’s deceive, but he manages to convince her. He says that he did not have amiable feelings for Maliha. He loved Najaf, that’s why he married with her. Najaf accepts his justification and Maliha’s plan to making miss understandings between Najaf and Sikander fails, but life is not so easy for Najaf. Because here is another problem standing here for her.

Doctors tell that Dua’s heart is tending to be weak day by day and she needs more care. Najaf and Sikander become sad on this news and all their peace goes away. Najaf’s Father in law also becomes shocked to hear this and he blames on Najaf for not taking care of Dua properly.

  • Will Dua return back to healthy life through good care of Najaf?
  • Will Sikandar keep on caring his wife for good or he will change his behavior afterwards?

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