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Gumraah Episode 22 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

Gumraah Episode 22 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 22) promo of HUM TV drama series, Gumraah.

We have watched in the last episode that Huma gets success in concealing the presence of Aaliyan in her home from Sarmad. Huma’s friend reveals her evil intentions that she has got married with Sarmad, because she wants to see Aaliyan before her eyes as well. As we know, Huma is very cunning and shameless girl, so she does not feel any disgrace and shame on doing so and she accepts this fact shamelessly.

Her friend gets astonish on selfishness of Huma. On the other hand, Aasma gets out raged on seeing Huma and Sarmad talking and enjoying in a shopping mall. She creates a mess in the public place. Huma also starts arguing with her and Sarmad feels himself like a sandwich. Faryal is feeling nostalgia and remains lost in old memories. She remembers Jamshaid and weep and she asks her mother why did he deceived her? Her mother consoles her and makes her calm down.

  • Will Sarmad realize his mistake and leave Huma for good and return back to Aasma (his first wife)?
  • Will Huma vacant her heart from the love of Aaliyan?
  • Will Aaliyan know the reality of Jamshaid and Faryal?

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