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Faisla Episode 27 & 28 (ARY Digital TV Drama)

Faisla Episode 27 & 28 (ARY Digital TV Drama)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 23) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Faisla.

We have watched till now that this drama has come to a thrilling point. Maryam has left her in laws house after fighting with Asad, but she has a soft corner for Asad yet. She is not willing to believe on the fact Asad can cheat her. She thinks that this is also a conspiracy of Umair to keep her away from her beloved husband. Her mother also agrees with her and consoles her by saying that Asad is not disloyal to her. He loves her to a great extent and she should think twice on her decision.

On the other hand, Asad hears all the conversation of Umair and Maryam’s father. He acknowledges the complete game of them which they had arranged fir trapping him. He hates his father in law and also becomes angry with his wife. He says you were using me like a toy to get your own motives and I was getting into your web like a nonsense. Maryam goes to the Asad’s place and seeks apology from him. Though, Asad loves his wife immensely, so he forgives her. Maryam also combats with her father and shouts that she is not his daughter any more.

  • Will Asad and Maryam’s relation get settled?
  • Will Umair give up on Maryam easily?
  • Will Zaheer realize his mistake?

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