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Begangi Episode 16 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

Begangi Episode 16 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 16) promo of A Plus Entertainment HD TV drama series, Begangi.

We watched in the last episode that Omer has created several problems in everyone’s life. He has changed himself and has become stubborn. He starts shouting on his mother and does not obey her. Aasma gets annoyed on Omer’s behavior and threats him that she will leave him and return back to Abdul Rehman’s house again. She adds, you cannot separate me from my other son “zaid”. I have grown him up and I love him alot.

On the other hand, Mahin and Zaid both are not agree on marrying to each other. Zaid says to his father that I’ll marry with Mahin on your insistence,but I’ll divorce her on the next day. Abdul Rehman slaps him on his mischief. Zaid feels stress on this and starts weeping. Mahin also does not want marry with Zaid. She loves Omer and wants to be the bride of him.So there is tension everywhere in the drama and the reason of all the problems and tensions is one and only “Omer”.

  • Will Asma return back to Abdul Rehman’s house ?
  • Will Omer agree to marry Mahin?
  • Will Mahin and Zaid marry with each other on pressurizing their family?

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