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Badnaam Episode 16 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

Badnaam Episode 16 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 16) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Badnaam.

We have watched in this drama that Minahil is seeking attention of her husband. Bee jan is also helping her in this motive. Bee jan asks her to get ready and dress up beautifully to win the heart of Afraz. She loves Afraz a lot, but Afroz does not even look at her. She feels herself inferior on Afraz’s behavior. On the side, Afraz’s step mother is admitted in the hospital but her cunningness does not come to an end and she is making another plan for destroying Afraz’s life. She does not want to see Afraz and Minahil living happily. She decides to make a conspiracy to get rid of Minahil.

On the other side, Mehroz’s feelings for Minahil are increasing day by day. He is attracting towards her, but he cannot do anything, because Shumail has gotten Nikah. He wants to dismiss this nikah and remarry with her. Mehroz has known the reality of his relatives and realized who is sincere to him. His behavior changes towards Afraz and he trusts him. He cuddles with Afraz and forgets all the bitter memories.

  • Will Afraz’s step mother ruin his wife?
  • Will Afraz get attraction towards her?
  • Will Mehroz get married with Shumail?

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