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Baaghi Episode 19 (Urdu1 HD TV Drama Promo)

Baaghi Episode 19 (Urdu1 HD TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 19) promo of Urdu1 HD TV drama series, Baaghi.

Drama “Baaghi” is proceeding forward speedily. We are anxious to know the new happenings in the drama. In the last episode, we watched that Kanwal has changed her lifestyle. She is trying to mold herself according to the showbiz industry. For this purpose, she has joined gym and another activities to enhance her status. She has also started making immoral videos to gain the attention of public and directors as well, and she has achieved her goal to some extent. Her videos are getting access to her village also, her brother and family is facing the mocks and taunts of people. They nominate Fouzia’s (Kanwal) eccentric videos and make fun of her family. Her brother does not accept this scenario and combats with his friends and refuses their allegation. He clarifies that girl is not her sister, she is another girl, but his friends do not stop making fun of him. Kanwal is sad on the rude behavior of her family and she starts doing more vulgar activities. Her father announces in the home that Fouzia is no more my daughter and she is died for me from today.

In the next episode we’ll watch that Fouzia is getting popularity and she gets an offer from Dubai for modeling. She accepts it and goes to Dubai. She does not have any tension of demoralizing her character and keeps on crossing the steps success in the showbiz. Sheharyar is also worried about her and decides to talk to Fouzia and forbid her for doing unethical activities.

  • Will Fouzia admit the saying of Sheryar and stop doing immoral activities?
  • Will Fouzia visit her home and convince her parents?
  • Will Fouzia become super star?

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