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Aik Thi Raniya Episode 5 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

Aik Thi Raniya Episode 5 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 5) promo of Har Pal Geo TV drama series, Aik Thi Raniya.

We have watched till now that Izhar wants to marry his daughter with Fahad because Fahad is a handsome and educated boy. But Fahad and his family do not want this. Izhar asks her daughter to do friendship with Fahad and adopt courteous behavior towards him. Mehru starts acting upon her father’s advises and tries to grab the attention of Fahad. But as we know Fahad is interested in Raani. And he wants to get her attention, so this is becoming a love triangle scenario. Mehru is behind Fahad and Fahad is for Raania. Let us see who gets success in grabbing the attention of whom.

On the other side, there is a mess created by Raania’s Bhabhi in her home. She suggest a marriage proposal for Raania, but Raania refuses this proposal and says to her mother that she wants to continue her study and accomplish her goals. She adds that our financial condition is also not good enough to bear the expense of my marriage. There is farewell party in the university. Everyone is busy in making memories. Suddenly Fahad takes a bold step to flatter Raania and he proposes her in the front of whole class. All the students, especially Raania becomes astounded on his action. She is shocked and loss her words to speak anything.

  • Will Raania accept the proposal of Fahad?
  • Will Raania’s mother know about her affair with Fahad?

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