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Aangan Episode 03 (ARY Digital TV Drama)

Aangan Episode 03 (ARY Digital TV Drama)

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Watch the latest & new episode (ep 3) promo of ARY Digital TV drama series, Aangan.

Aangan is a new drama serial. It is based on the novel of famous novelist Faiza Iftikhar. It is directed by Qasim Ali, a well-known director in the drama industry. The story is based on combine family system. Samina Ahmed is playing the lead role in this drama. She is the all in all of her family. She has four sons and one daughter. All of her sons are married, except one son, and all of her sons and their wives are living the same house.

This drama shows us the traditional customs and norms of our society which are extinct now a days. Zoya is the only daughter of Samina Ahmed. She does not want to marry in a joint family because she is tired of all this mess and wants to live in a separate family, where she can maintain her privacy. We have watched till now that a marriage proposal has arrived for Zoya. All the family members are happy for this, but Zoya does not want to go in a joint family. In the next episode, Zoya’s bhabhi (Haajra) visits her future in laws without permission of her mother in law.

  • Will Zoya agree on for marrying in a joint family?
  • Will her bhabhies get happy on her wedding?
  • Will Zoya’s mother see all the happiness of her family?

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